Arizona 1 Net provides fast, efficient website development and promotion for your Arizona business!
Arizona 1 Net provides fast, efficient website development and promotion for your Arizona business!

Add Your Business to CArizona!

CArizona offers several options for listing/linking your business in our directory.

  • Full Page Ad
    Equivalent to appx. 2 full 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheets of paper plus one or two images with a "mini" contact form and an email link to your email account (not included). Your full page ad is linked from your business listing in CArizona's directory.
    $125.00 annual fee
  • Brochure Ad
    Your own 1-7 page brochure style ad can be included in CArizona. We provide the tools for you to create your own brochure-style website complete with your images, your text, your contact information and your own domain name. Your Arizona business can receive a FREE link from your business listing in Carizona's directory to your website.
    Refer to HostingSolutions - QuickSolutions - QuickSite at Arizona 1 Net's website for details.
    Prices from $14.95 - $19.95 monthly
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  • Establishing a Link to Your Business Website
    CArizona can establish a link from your business listing in CArizona to your existing business website.
    Take advantage of targeted traffic visiting your website from CArizona's pages.
    $150.00 annual fee - Discount Offer Provide a return link to CArizona using one of our graphics, such as and save $25.00!
  • Promotional Packages
    CArizona offers a full range of promotional services for your Arizona business. Promotional services provide high quality, targeted advertising for your business. CArizona's services are "flat-fee" with no additional fees for click-thrus or traffic. There are no caps placed on the number of views for your advertising.
    • Basic Service
      A link is established from your business listing in CArizona to your website. CArizona can accept your 400 x 60 AND your 144 x 144 banner ad (each under 9K file size) and will place those banners in our inventory of banners for use in your targeted area of the CArizona website. You are guaranteed to have placement of at least one of your banners at any given time throughout the year. Specific page placement cannot be accepted. CArizona reserves the right to place your banner on any page within the region you have selected.
      $150.00 annual fee
    • Enhanced Service
      All features listed in Basic Service plus a "featured" text listing on CArizona's pages within the region applicable to your business (Phoenix business - Phoenix region) and an additional minimum banner ad placement, guaranteed two (2) banner ad placements at any given time. Ad placement is at CArizona discretion within the region of your choice.
      $245.00 annually - Real "bang for your buck" - promotional fee breaks down to only $10.00 month for the additional services!
    • Targeted Service
      Your full-size (468x60 9K max file) banner ad placed on the ad page* of your choice plus one four-line, 65 character text ad in the CArizona Travel newsletter distributed to opt-in subscribers.
      $50.00 month - 3 consecutive month minimum
    • Sponsorship Service
      CArizona offers sponsorhip within certain areas of our website. Please contact CArizona by emailing to inquire on sponsorship opportunities which may be available.
  • Need a website?
    Arizona 1 Net provides hosting/development services to bring your business to the Internet.
    Your business may qualify for a FREE link in the CArizona directory. (CArizona reserves the right to decline link requests from sites not suitable for the CArizona directory.) Businesses hosting with Arizona 1 Net may request a free link to their business website when your pages are completed.

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